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Hot aluminum zinc steel
Hot aluminum zinc steel sheet is researched and developed based on hot-dip aluminizing steel sheet and hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. It owns excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, heat and oxidation of aluminizing steel sheet, and good electrochemical protection performance of galvanized steel sheet, which make the incision and scratch mark hard to corrode and rust. Its cost is lower than that of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet of the same plating thickness. As the replacement product of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, Hot aluminum zinc steel sheet has wide usage, and a broad market prospect.


Aluminum zinc steel sheet is applied in the industries of construction, light industry, automobile, farming, animal husbandry, fisheries, and commerce, etc. In construction industry, it is primarily applied in production of roof boards and roof grids of anti-corrosive industrial and civil architectures. In light industry, it is used to manufacture the shell of household electrical appliance, civil chimney, and kitchen appliance, etc. Moreover, it is used to produce the anti-corrosive components of automobiles in automobile industry, and freezing processing equipment of meat and marine products as well as the appliance used for grain storage and transportation in the industries of farming, animal husbandry and fisheries. For commercial purpose, it is used as the appliance for the storage, transportation, and packaging of goods and materials.

Common size for hot aluminum zinc steel
Thickness of  hot aluminum zinc steel plate: 0.22 to 1.30mm
Width of  hot aluminum zinc steel plate:700 to 1250mm
Length of  hot aluminum zinc steel plate:1000 to 6000mm
Inner diameter of  steel strip:508mm
Surface of structural of  hot aluminum zinc steel:
spangle coating: N
finishing zinc surface:S

Surface treatment of  hot aluminum zinc steel:
Los acid passivation:C
Smear oil: O
Los acid passivation and oil: CO
Fingerprint resistant membrane: UF
Un-treatment: U
The coating weight of aluminum and zinc

Bebon international can offer the weight of aluminum and zinc from 30/30g/m2 to 90/90g/m2

The standard weight of aluminum and zinc is 30/30g/m2 , 40/40g/m2, 50/50g/m2, 60/60g/m2, 75/75g/m2 , 90/90g/m2

When the coating weight of 50/50g/m2, the thickness of coating layer is 13.3μm.

Application to hot rolled aluminum and zinc plate

1, construction industry
House top, external house, garage door, fence, window-shades
2, household appliance industry:
oven, explosion-proof strip, solar water heaters, electric parts
3,automobile industry
Car muffler, exhaust pipe, signboard
4, industrial instrument
Electric control cabinet, industry refrigeration cabinets, vending machines


Features for hot rolled aluminum zinc steel:
Formability, heat resistance, high reflectivity

Package for Hot aluminum zinc: metal band stapping, out sided diameter ring, making sheet, metal protective steel sheet, metal steel sheet.

Main material of Hot aluminum zinc steel

Q/BQB 425-2004
AS 1397-2001 EN10215-1995 ASTMA792M-02 JISG3321-1998 ISO9364-2001
DC51D+AZ G2+AZ DX51D+AZ CS type B type C SGLCC 1
S250GD+AZ G250+AZ S250GD+AZ 255 - 250
S300GD+AZ G300+AZ - - - -
S350GD+AZ G350+AZ S350GD+AZ 345 Class1 SGLC490 350
S550GD+AZ G550+AZ S550GD+AZ 550 SGLC570 550
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